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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

it's 1987 all over again

1987...probably the worst year of my life...it was 8th grade...junior high...at the time i was a hair model for John Dellaria (my aunt was the receptionist), so needless to say i had a lot of bizarre haircuts (e.g. shaved on one side, permed on the other).  The previous year I had a crush on Timmy Lovell (aka Timeteo in my Spanish class) He told a buddy of his that he would go out with me if i cut my hair (aka : make my hair look normal) So, i go out and cut my hair all over...now between the non existent chest and the boys regular hair do, i looked like hilary swank in "Boys Dont Cry."  Needless to say, Tim never asked me out...ever...

Then eighth grade...nightmare!! I still had no chest..i was 4'8" and a semi-intelligent imp who did not cheat on her exams...for some reason in 8th grade all the boys began to hit me and bruise me in the hallways, my "best friends" turned to enemies and i still couldnt fill out a bra..never mind a camisole...then i am introduced to wood class..i was the only girl in wood  class with mr. lane and it was absolute torture!! Every other day would be a new flat joke, "Kate, can you come over here..i need a flat surface to right on!"  They called me "pirates treasure aka "sunken chest."  Then came 10th grade...finally, i was a woman.

So all you late bloomers out there...no worries..wait it out...because the bullies turn into losers, the tall girls turn out to be way shorter than you and the girls who had boobs are now flying to la to get a boob lift...

which leads me to a point--i know of a woman who is like my 8th grade nightmare...degading, condescending, but thinks she is a queen..she talks about everyone..anyway, karma will come around for her and that will be that...

waht ever happened to being nice to each other?...its just so much easier..

nemesis of the week: michael jackson...cmon...4 more kids...they are millions of people who cant conceive but this weirdo can have 4 kids....absolutely terrible..


good luck megz in surgery!


Wednesday, July 14, 2004

i love chris isaak & robbie williams

ahhh to have crushes when you are a young gal!!! when i was young my next door neighbor had a huge crush on shaun cassidy..not a big fan! i really wasn't into his winged hair, love for pastels and his pocket comb...i can tell you my first love? when i was watching mtv back in the day i found him...clad in a green lame vest, headband, dripping with sweat ..it was alex van halen..not eddie..alex..when i saw him in "jump" i thought i had gone to heaven...my love for rockers continued..john farris from inxs, stuart adamson from big country (rip), and finally my one true love, john moss from culture club, my true love and apparently boy george's...

now i am 29 and i have 2 musician loves...chris isaak and robbie williams..robbie is my brit rocker love interest..for years i have tried to meet him with no luck..i think i honestly moved to cali to one day meet up with him in la...my husband loves robbie too..so if i accidently full on kissed him on the lips, i dont think he would mind..

as for chris isaak..just love him..smart, charming, handsome..apparently both my boys are unlucky in love but i say anytime they are in the san diego area they can totally crash on my couch...i love you robbie! i love you chris!

top 5 males (hey! men do it all the time)

1. sean penn
2. robbie williams
3. chris isaak
4. ed harris
5. jonathan from "blow out"


please vote!


Thursday, July 08, 2004

there are many flags in many lands..they are flags of every hue...

for some reason i still remember all of the songs i learned in elementary school..it is pretty hilarious because a lot of them are show tunes from the 50s, 60s and 70s...but somehow i know them..i once was watching Superman with my husband and the Superman & Lois instrumental came on..i started to sing "Can You Read My Mind..." Scott just looked at me...there are lyrics to this song he exclaimed! "Yes! And i know them all!" It's strange because i have been singing since i was a baby, but my kindergarten music teacher, Miss Zinny, absolutely detested me! I wasnt a brat...i just loved to sing, very loudly in class, and she hated me for that...one day someone stole Miss Zinny's guitar and demolished it in the school woods..i think for some reason she thought it was me..all 3 feet of me...

it was just the 4th---hip hip hooray! well, i am used to bbqs, white paper plates, people throwing fireworks in your face.. you know the good stuff...my 4th was much different..scott and i ended up meeting some friends at a very swank hotel in laguna beach---my plans went from eating hot dogs on the beach to pinot grigio at the ritz...not that there is anything wrong with that...but scott and i totally do not belong at the ritz first of all..we are these kids from boston who dont fit in at swanky hotels! Scott and i constructed a plan to pickpocket people while we waited for our friends in the lobby..i had the technique down..scott would ask the socialites the time and i would bump into them stealing their purses...needless to say we didnt make and $$$$...i just wanted a hot dog with potato salad!

i saw fahrenheit 911 last nite--very powerful..please see it...you need to see it..

no new news on the work front except i got "talked to" the other day for pretty much not having 5 hands..i am a waitress not a surgeon my friend...drives me crazy!

well thats alls that i got this time round...

oh i just want to tell all the miserable people who come out to my restaurant...dont bother sitting in my section...just call dr. k if you are so miserable and just end it! it seems that in life the people who really dont have it that bad are the miserable ones and the people who never complain have it terrible...i just found out that 2 people who are very close to me have cancer..they are the 2 most beautiful people you would ever want to meet....why? why? i love you both so much...

nemesis of the weekend: miserable people who want 10 extra packets of butter for their potatoes..

Sunday, July 04, 2004

ch ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!!!!!!

yeah i went to joan jett the other night at the del mar fair...now i would first like to say that no one is cooler than joan jett...she is probably in her 40s and she looks dynamite!!! my friend Gina and i went on thurs...its kinda like a carnival atmosphere..in san diego they have funnel cakes instead of fried dough..so i am running around the fair looking for fried dough in neon lights...i had to resort for the funnel..it is the same thing and no, it is not a beer drinking technique...

anyway, joan was great..totally kicks ass..there were some killer haircuts their including several mullet sightings (6 women, 1 man) and one flock haircut (flock of seagull haircut-woman)...it was fun but you know everyone was waiting for joan to rip out "i heart rock & roll"...and wouldnt you know right b4 the encore she breaks it out..amps up the lights and the crowd goes wild!!! Also seen many dad's with fanny packs on)..i could just laugh because you know joan absolutely detests playing that song because it is her most popular and played at every junior high dance...her new tunes were great..she rocked and i felt like a middle age woman grooving with my white black dog sweathshirt draped over my shoulders, tretorns on my feet and minivan reving up in the parking lot..(keep in mind if anyone knows me at all i do not own a blackdog sweatshirt, tretorns or a minivan)

i am just realizing i am not cool like i was before..i used to be a beer swilling, cigarette smoking, dive bar crawling, singing maniac...i am still fun..just without the multi-pierced ears, flaming red hair (well kinda) and bad boy of the month on my arm...i am approaching 30..that is why i am going crazy..i think i listen to cool music and i have the greatest friends..that is all i need..the coolness factor has left but i am fine with that..

i used to be in a band called "Shine" for about 3 years and it was a blast...the drummer Scott (best kid ever)just emailed me and told me he was teaching a drum class and he gave the Shine Cd to one of his students..she passed it around to the other students and a girl, who has a really tough life, came up to Scott and said that she loved the music especially coming from a woman...inspirational? me? i was so moved by that...when i receive my grammy i would thank all the boys in my life for cheating on me and giving me the material i needed to pour them into my songs...

i saw a presidental sticker on the back of a car today that read "Vote for Anyone But Bush" heheheheheheh

nemesis of the 4th weekend: lindsey lohan because she drives me crazy..i hate dumb girls who try to convince us that they got boobs in a week..and ashlee simpson because i have seen 2 episodes of her dumb reality show!!!!!

happy 4th!!!!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

oh what a beautiful mornin'!!

you know what i love...when people say hello to you on the street...i never ever got that treatment when i was in Boston..but that's east coast and what i miss about the east coast...i love saying hello to people..."good morning!" I actually was asked if i wanted a ride up the street by a nice man...you know..i almost got in...i should quit it or you may see me on foresnic files...

i just got back from denny's...i love denny's...scott and i went out for our fine dining experience...we were sitting next to an elderly couple (the kind of couple who sit there for hours and do not acknowledge each other's existence)..i told scott that i never ever want to end up like that...i mean we have been together for over 4 years..we still have things to talk about even though i repeat stories over and over again..but he is stuck with me..

i have a new fave show called "Blow Out" I think i am going to try to become a hairdresser..i mean i have been dyeing my hair with sun-in since i have been 13..i have had the following hair colors:

1. red
2. orange
3. yellow
4. purple
5. pink
6. brown (original i think)
7. black (when i was depressed)

im going for it..barbizon all the way!

anyway, have to go my husband is having a panic attack.

nemesis of the day: the lady with lots of surgery walking her dog today..i said hello..she turned up her newly constructed nose to me...