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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

no more sandals! no more sandals!

i think you should pass a test before you can wear sandals...or at least have a pedicure...i never ever wear sandals...i wear sneakers...you will never ever see my feet..but for some reason everyone else in the world thinks its ok to put on sandals and walk around in public viewing...i mean i dont even look down anymore in fear of seeing the worst feet ever!!

women are ok...but men have been the repeat offenders lately...i mean, dude, like wash your feet before you go out...and do these people every hear of things like clippers...it is foreign to them..its like they want you to feel nauseous in the morning...to all you people out there if you are wearing sandals..keep the feet tidy or just wear socks and shoes all the time like i do..

this scary man was trying to persuade me to vote for bush the other nite...he told me that i wouldnt be able to go outside because the world would be so dangerous with kerry in office and i replied "and i dont feel that way now?" i was really going to go toe to toe with him but i decided i would bow out gracefully and just laugh in his face...

if meaghan is reading..i hope u are feeling better..

oh and my bro evan is playing the reading festival..how cool is that?


nemesis of the week: that scary "bush"man

Thursday, August 12, 2004

to live and die in la

hello my peeps...i have been taking some breaks from the blog recently...my fam was in town this past weekend....we all went to the troubador in west hollywood for my brother's show @ the troubadour...it was amazing!

in a nutshell, my parents flew in, we went to an italian restaurant, my dad and i split two bottles of wine, my brother and his fiance came in ( hate that word), went up to west hollywood, saw ev at the troubadour, rocked the house, ate at the hard rock, drank on a rooftoop with my many cousins, my dad got really drunk, came home...

my family is absoultely hilarious..we are like a comedy troupe coming thru town...so many diffferent personalities..when i went to the hard rock cafe, i was reminded of a time in 1991 when i went to the hard rock cafe in boston with my friends the jk posse....

back in the day, my friend colleen and i were in a small rap group which consisted of colleen and i rapping about our weekly boyfriends, while colleen's sister, cat, played drums...we had rehearsal ever sunday after ccd (central city dump)...i was a huge yo! mtv raps fan, so i was into public enemy, nwa, ice-t at a very young age... lemme give you an example

"my name is kate, i am so great
my heart starts to swim, when i see that boy tim...badabadabada bada etc"
other hits includes "stand back, love attack" and "the evergreen forest" so if you are reading russell simmons, call me!

it is very embarrassing now...i also had another musical group called "lost and found"..we really only got together at sleepovers..we wrote the song "why do i love him?"
years later when i was writing real songs, i reflected on my past works and almost considered doing them live...because they were honestly really good songs!

in high school, colleen and i were obsessed with julie brown, the comic...so we decided that we would do "homecoming queen's gotta gun" for our talent show...we practiced for 3 years straight...we had so many moves...then we incorporated the rest of our friends in forming the jk posse...it was junior year, we all decided to go for it..there was tough competition, the jackson 5, tina turner & ike, digital underground etc...while practicing, someone stole our tape...i had made a back up and ran home before the competition..we rocked the house and won the whole competition $300 bux baby!

we took all our winnings to the hard rock in boston...that is in my top 5 moments of all time...we rocked it...we were underclassmen and blew everyone away...eat that jackson 5..

well i must go...i miss u...

nemesis of the week: bush.

peace out
vote in 04

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

i almost hit a republican today!!!!!!

ahhhhh its been a long time folks...how i missed you so....since the weeks we have been apart i have seen tobey maquire, dennis rodman, failed a menu test, lost 2 of my friends oh and my favorite, almost hit a republican...

I went to vegas a couple of weeks ago and saw dennis rodman in a hooka bar...he was sitting with 2 21 year old girls, now not the stereotypical bimbo that he is usually with (blond, boobs etc). but 2 college girls...kinda dressed preppy....very weird....i also literally slammed into tobey maquire...he was at a poker tournament at the mirage...he was clad in a stained white tshirt, shorts & birkenstocks..yuck!!!!! he also looked like he had a cold...anyway, i saw him about six different times and by the 3rd time i began to get sick of seeing him...no offense spidey!

i now have 2 jobs...i love being a waitress so much that i got another waitress job...unfortunately you have to take liquor classes and take a test..i failed the test...i went into the restuarant and people were quizzing each other and had out flash cards..i should have walked then..i may be instantly down to one job again..

we went to vegas...got in a fight with our friends..they dont want to see us again..i dont want to talk about it...

oh, so i almost hit a republican today..i was flying in my car after i got my coffee and this guy speeds past me and gives me the look of death...now i have a big mouth on me..and so does my husband (we are both from boston)...so we are dropping f bombs left and right...until i saw it...the bush & cheney in '04 sticker..so what do i do...rev my engine behind the lil republican in his beamer..there were more f bombs and then i was satisfied with the torture because you know he is so embarrassed to have that sticker on his car....ahhh life's lil pleasures!

nemesis of the week: the bad driving republican...reason : nuff said

kisses to megz!!!