k8's escapades

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

i am little orphan annie

when i was about eight years old i thought i was annie for a solid year...i had seen the play in boston, the movie i saw in the theater 7 times, i had every cast member in doll form, i had annie's limo and my fave the annie wig...

i wore this wig everywhere..at the time i had long brow hair and i would wake up in the morning and slip on that wig...i would do my chores with the wig on (hey im an orphan in an orphanage!!!), i would walk to 7-11 to get grape slushes, lollies and butterfingers wearing the wig in public and finally the last straw was school. One morning my dad drove me to school...so i dressed in my finest toughskins, plaid shirt, high top canvas nikes and to top it off the wig...my father had to literally rip the wig off my head and stage a intervention...the wig was hidden from me for a while...

it was actually my surprise bday party that i thought annie should stage a comeback...so i got all the girls together, gave them some mops, put on the annie soundtrack, fastened my wig and belted out the entire soundtrack-twice!!!

Looking back i am so embarrased..those poor poor girls at my bday party! You shouldnt be invited to a party and asked or rather demanded to sing...i still have my annie picture at home...it is hilarious! i was so damn bossy!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

east coast bad behavior

i realized today at work that i am a complet bitch....i am a waitress and all i do all day is make fun of the customers...i work at an irish pub and someone actually came up to me and asked if we got our potatoes from ireland....i mean i have so much material!!!!

my east coast sense of humor doesnt help either..i am so sarcastic to these people that i think it borders on rude...last week i was taken out for my bday by my co-workers...they were out to kill me...3 glasses of wine, 3 coronas 2 shots later...it was 1990 again on my junior ski trip where i almost died from alcohol poisoning...

the day after my bday (the last thing i remember is dancing to that dumb 50 cent song)..i was an ogre at work...some guy comes up to me and is like..."My last name is O'Sullivan (name of my pub) do i get a free lunch?" my reply..."i dont think so..." i then told 2 old ladies who sat at a dirty table to beat it....it was a tough tough day...i survived however..

i love that britney spears is so white trash...i mean she is in public restrooms with her shoes off...she is so foul! eating cheetos, snapping her gum, cranking butts, marrying a drug dealer lookalike...i will give her 2 mths till she is in rehab or porn...judging from her "my prerogative" video...i think she is 2 steps from being jenna jameson..

to all my blogger friends i will be leaving san diego soon and heading back to my hometown of norwood, ma (ick!)..for personal reasons...i will blog about the 84 places there are to get a drink in norwood, the norwood celebs including debbie from debbie does dishes, dickie barrett from the Bosstones and Mark Kenney (no relation)(he can walk on his hands forever)...he once walked the Great Wall of China!!! I am kinda dreading it...but i hope to be back in cali after the holidays..i lov eu all my friends...if u are on the east coast ...please! save me from all that is norwood!

did u ever see beautiful girls? that is norwood..

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

i heart marc summers from double dare

i just realized last nite while watching reruns of Double Dare that i still have a huge crush on Marc Summers (the host). There was something about him in the eighties/nineties that i loved about him...i think it was that he was an absolute riot...and the kids were so dumb on the show..i mean last nite Mark asked in what country includes the cities of Cork and Dublin..the kids had no clue...and went for the physical challenge..idiots!

my brothers and i watched Double Dare religiously and we tried to get on the show ...no luck...

Recently, i found out that Marc had obsessive/compulsive disorder and his wife found him counting the threading in the rug...i hope he got my flowers..