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Friday, October 29, 2004

I think this is the best halloween costume i have ever seen...before and after shots...brilliant!!! Posted by Hello

besos a mis chicos!!!

I am so happy right now...i cant believe it...i was in boston near faneuil hall the other nite when i witnessed the most amazing thing in my life...i screamed so loud...for hours...it was the sweetest thing ever on the streets of boston...everyone was hugging each other...high fives all over the place...i think my fave part of the entire evening was when a college kid, standing 5'4", screamed, "OK, who's gonna make out with me right now?" I was calling all of my friends, screaming into the cellphone...it was so loud i didnt know if i was leaving a message or actually screaming in their ear...anyway, this one goes out to the following sox supporters...without you guys my passion for the sox would be non-existent:

joey (rip)
papa (rip)

ps...does anyone know why they shot to nyc for the fans reaction shot? i mean i know cameras were not allowed in the bars in boston...but go to a sh+T town , like my own, Norwood, and film there...stupid Fox!

Monday, October 25, 2004

ashlee ohhhhh ashlee!!!!

Did anyone see Ashlee Simpson lip sync the other nite on SNL? Can u be anymore embarrased? Now, i am not trying to crack down on her but this is exactly what is wrong with music today...i mean i don't understand that these talentless women think they can make it in the biz? There are so many talented individuals out there who study music for years and practice everyday of their lives only to be sitting in la or ny somewhere living in a dump trying to make it...Now, honestly, does that life look so glamorous right now..indundated with sluts in half shirts? So, as i step off my soap box i want to tell all the record execs out there to find out if the individual has some talent before signing them? Can they play an instrument? Can they actually sing without assistance? Please bring our music back!!! I am begging you!!! And no more crossovers...let Lindsey Lo, J Lo, Duff, Ashlee stick with their terrible acting...

Oh and i love Curt Schilling---he is the most amazing guy in the entire world...
do u think he will adopt me?


go sox!

ps. what is up with jennifer garner sitting in the red sox dugout!!! ? I mean there are kids lining up to sit in there and she gets to sit in there because your ben's flava of the month? Puhleeeeease!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh a red sox win!!!  Posted by Hello

still glowing...

I am still glowing after reading all of the yankee papers and their pure disgust with the team..i heard that as a bet, Star Jones (a yankees fan) had to dress up like Jonny Damon with beard and wig and sing John Fogerty's "Centerfield." Picture that! Also, i saw Schilling on Letterman last nite, clad in a Celtics jersey with Birds #33...i love him!

Now my father, my friend Meaghan and my husband, scott have introduced me to everything that is great in baseball...My dad used to take me and my bro to the sox games and we would park way over in Brookline and race him to the car...My dad is obsessed with baseball since he was a little boy..he actually saw Hank Aaron play at Fenway...My dad is also quite insane...

We had all gone to the game one day and Adam and my mother went to get hot dogs...the red sox were playing the royals...My dad takes a piece of paper out of his pocket writes out a scribbled signature and says, "Kate, tell Adam you just got George Brett's autograph..." Now Adam was probably 6 at the time and obsessed with the red sox & baseball in general...so he comes back and my father says, "Adam, you wouldn't believe what happened,?" Kate got George Brett's autograph!" I dont think i have ever seen anyone cry as hard as adam did that day...my father should be shot and adam claims that incident is one of the reasons he smokes pot..

now meaghan was my roommate for years...i love her...to this day we are so close...anyway, meaghan is the only woman i have ever met who can go toe to toe with any male on sports stats...i was in my rock and roll phase (still am) when i lived with megz...i would hear screams and swearing coming from the tv room on sat afternoons at around 1 pm...she lives and breathes sports...she got me back into the game and i love her for that..i started off remarking on how hot baseball players are and their rock and roll like traits...and then she really taught me how the game was played and that going to fenway with a couple of beers and a hot dog is the best thing in the world..thanks megz!

and finally my husband, scott....scott knows ever stat in baseball..all teams...rbis. eras, etc etc. he would actually quiz me on ted williams batting average over and over again...scott and i are on opposite coasts at the moment but i want to let him know that sharing the love for baseball with him was one of the most amazing experiences i have ever had...i wish he was here with me...wearing his red socks (he wears them everyday) screaming at the tv (why did they take him out? he's pitching a shutout!) and drinking beers with all our friends here in Boston...crying tears of joy that the underdog red sox had finally done it! I love u scott...wherever u are out there...we will do it!

besos a mis hombres de beisbol!!!!

All, I have to say is that i slept like a baby last nite...that was the most amazing thing i have ever seen..the red sox beating the piss out of the yankees on their own soil...it was also great to see the look on ARod's face (you cheating piece of sh*&^) Billy Crystal's (i will never ever watch one of your movies again) and I am sure Steinbrenner is in a NY hospital as we speak...i love my fellow red sox fans..i have so many great relationships thru this sport. I would also like to thank my fellow bloggers Dan, Meaghan & Justin for being passionate about the game and writing so eloquently about their love for these guys!

The underdogs will win in 2004...in every realm....BELIEVE!!!!

we have done the impossible!

Monday, October 18, 2004

those red sox keep sucking me back in!

i heart ortiz...but last nite i finally realized who ortiz looks like...florida evans from "Goodtimes!" Like identical...check it out...

Anyway, i saw Jason Bateman in the stands at Fenway...he was one of my first loves...when i saw him on "It's Your Move" and "Silver Spoons" I would just swoon! There is something about him that is so adorable..still to this day he makes my heart go bippity bop...

I told my bro, Evan, of my love for J. Bateman...and he reminded me of my gigantic crush on Kirk Cameron...I have no idea how he came into the pix..but i literally wrote a letter to him when i was 12 and sent a long a picture of myself with mullet, purple sweater and fake white women's reeboks (balloons)..i think it was the whole bad boy thing...good thing i didn't send Boner a letter..but i honestly thought he would write me back and ask me out...hilarious! Now, i am so not interested..he is like a bible thumping movie maker..oh well...

go sox...besos a mis hombres..

Sunday, October 17, 2004

happy halloweeeen!!!!

ok. so my mum is obsessed with halloween...one year she made some pumpkin man and put it on our front porch...i was in college at the time and came home for columbus day weekend...she dressed the pumpkin man in my plaid tshirt (my fave from the pearl jam years) my shredded jeans and my docs....as i was returning to college we found out that the pumpkin man and been stolen off the front porch...my docs gone!!! halloween has been very rough for me ever since..

while in college, my mum gave me a "sounds of halloween" casette tape that was played over and over before we went out to the bars...the tape was absolutely hilarious...the ghoulish man would scream "happy halloweeeeeeeen!" over and over again...after doing many shots of absolut we proceeded to jump on the beds over and over again...this was a ritual until we discovered rage against the machine..

and this year, my mum and i went halloween shopping...i wanted to get a pink wig and fake eyelashes for halloween...my mum turned around and screamed.."Kate, you are 30 years old...you dont need a wig! (keep in mind wigs are such a cheap laugh for me!) She then proceeded to put on a George Bush mask and laugh like Beavis...

alas, its a new season...my mum has a cackling witch who looks like pedro's little good luck charm.."say hello to my lil friend.."

Friday, October 15, 2004

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

ahhhhhhhhhh norwood, ma.

hey folks...so i am back on the east coast! yeah, i must say i kinda missed it..the minute i got home i started craving a town spa pizza...boston is a fanatstic place....since i have been here i have had 5 people bum cigarettes off of me, 2 guys scream "hey red!" or "hey strawberry blonde!" (both were hammered) and a bartender who slyly lured me into having another guinness...i love that! i honestly missed the diversity of the city too. The town i live in san diego is like the stepford wives revisted..everyone owns an suv, everyone is blonde and everyone is a liitle more than a c cup. I miss the grittiness of boston...the woman who spit on my shoe when i walked by...the lady in harvard square who screamed in my ear at he top of her lungs for absolutely no reason and finally the drunk on the train who screamed to the conductor in front of a packed car that the conductor and i should "hook up."

so yes, it has been an adventure while i have been home..i love the sox so much...and i honestly think i am in boston for a reason right about now...we love u sox!