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Monday, November 22, 2004

i love sha-na-na

I remembered 2 crushes the other day...well, i came upon this epiphany while raking leaves...see the kenney/foti women ALWAYS do "men's work" and the men never lift a finger...i have fixed about 3-5 toilets, screwed in about 40 bulbs, untangled and hung xmas lights (electrocuted twice) have picked up dead animals (crows, birds, slugs etc) and my latest task raking oil soaked leaves and puting them in bags...i was appointed by my dad and told me my bro ev would help out...i treked outside, began to rake and evan ran past me exclaiming, I'm going to do some errands".....what?

this made me think of Bowser from sha-na-na (my dad knew the sax player lenny)...it was a commercial on ch 56 (cartoon station) and it was bowser ironing a shirt and he started to sing, "If a guy can do it...a girl can do it..."...i always loved that commercial..he was such a crush along with that 50s style brian setzer...come to mama!!!

oh and my very bizarre crush? mickey dolenz from the monkees...i loved his smile...he was very unique looking...and a drummer...i have this rule ...never date anyone who has lighter skin than you..so in my case this only leaves albino men and irish/german guys...through the years i just dated short & dark (minus the handsome) but i have definitely upgraded to tall dark & handsome..thank god!

btw cheers to megz & dan...may you love each other as long as stars are above you.


Thursday, November 18, 2004

Check out Adam!!!! I could have killed him....check out that grin!!!! Posted by Hello

This was after the doll carriage parade in Norwood. I was dressed up as Laura Ingalls from Lil House on the Prairie. It obviously wasn't a big hit. My dad had to buy me an "Honorable Mention" ribbon for 3 dollars and also provide me with a hoodsie....the saddest part of this is my face in this picture and the fact that my brother Adam won the whole thing and took home a huge trophy!!! See next picture... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

This is my family in the 80s...i was in my dancer phase (hence the fame leotard, skirt, tights and rainbow shoes), my dad is looking very magnum, the kids at school called my mum pat benatar, and for adam and evan, clearly hams. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

top 5 guilty pleasures

I have been reading dan's blogs and i need to do a top 5 of my guilty pleasures music wise. I apologize in advance:

1. Avril Lavigne
2. Nickelback
3. Enrique Iglesias
4. Vanessa Carlton
5. Kenny Chesney (just because he is cute)

This is my lil brother evan when he was 4. He broke his two front teeth on the bathtub after going to check out my dad's package. I love this picture because evan is still that cute, but only a lil more italian looking with a faux hawk. Posted by Hello

Monday, November 15, 2004

dave mustaine for president

hey guys..

i am looking for a tshirt that i saw on ricky rachtman (sp) former host of headbangers ball...it reads "Dave Mustaine for President." If anyone knows where i can get one please lemme know..

I went thru many stages in my adoration for music..so i can basically say i am well rounded when it comes to music..

1. annie: was obsessed...got my first taste of showtunes..

2. the 80s--loved Laura Brannigan, John Cougar & Men @ Work...my mum got me an orange mic for my bday..i used to wrap scarves around my neck and blare "Gloria." RIP-Laura...had crushes on Stuart Adamson (Big Country) Alex Van Halen (Van Halen) Jon Moss (Culture Club).
My dad also played us stevie, aretha, otis, wilson, earth wind & fire, gap band, rick james a lot...oh yeah and michael jackson...my cuz dana had a pic of him on her wall clad in a yellow vest with bow tie (hubba huba)

3. Junior high: definitely guns & roses, skid row, throw in some madonna, inxs...i asked my mum to go to the gnr show and she said "No, its going to be too wild!" Later, she found out that gnr is the best band ever..inxs was my first concert and some "teenager" threw up on me...it was so cool!

4. First years of High School--i was into dance music..then got really into "Yo, MTV Raps!" My fave show..i used to run home & watch Dr. Dre & Ed Lover...my fave tunes from my rap days were Twin Hype's, "Do It To the Crowd, Kwame''s "I Think His Name is Kwame," Slick Rick's "Children Story," and finally Kool Moe Dee's, "$" ---"a lil kiss on the cheek maybe, but i aint trying to make no baby.."

5. End of High School-Discovered the Smiths (finally!!!) Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains & Soundgarden..i think this was my fave time in music...i had recently been cheated on by my high school boyfriend so Morrisey helped out a lot...as for the Seattle scene..i wore so much flannel, ripped jeans & docs that my dad had to stage an intervention and bought me a dress...

6. College...i started out obsessed with U2 and Pearl Jam...became a dj at school and got into the Afghan Whigs and my boy, rip, Jeff Buckley...jeff buckley also helped me thru stupid college boyfriends...my music at the time depended on my boyfriend or my friends..a was into dave matthews for a mth...then i got into foo fighters, janes addiction, zeppelin (a lil late sorry)..Oh and then i really got into catherine wheel, james & midnight oil and rage against the machine

7. Post college--had a dumb boyfriend again who introduced me to radiohead and bowie...when i hear anything from early bowie--it makes me nauseous...sorry d. bowie, just reminds me of my fat, ugly, cheating ex..

8. Scottie!!! When i met scott ---i found him...my music equal--loved the same stuff but gave me some crowded house (split enz), robbie williams, simple minds, zeppelin..we actually played "kashmir" at our wedding--hilarious!!

9. now? i kind alisten to "everything"...dont you hate when people say that? I can basically say the following, " I hate country, Sheryl Crow, Jessica Simpson..." Everything else is ok...i will always love the beatles..i once heard some girl at a bar say that she hated the beatles...i walked up to her and said, "you should wash your mouth out with soap right now!" But whatever your taste..stand up for it...because im gonna go over to the jukebox and play everything from nwa to abc....

Friday, November 12, 2004

i dont exist!!!

I just checked to see if i existed on one of those people finders and i dont!!! How cool is that!!? I mean i exist pre-marriage but after that wedding i dont exist anymore...

it is presently snowing in boston....ahhh i miss the snow..there is something magical about it..i love cali but the fact that they freak out over rain & snow just makes me chuckle..

went out for drinks last nite...my fave bartender was fired...due to i think was a coke problem...i always pick the winners...

i allude to megz blog re: passport pictures...my passport pix got me post college...my brother picked it up and said, "when did u change your name to rosie odonnell?"

my brother recently stole my new cellphone (keep in mind i never had one) he decided it was funny to take a pix of his ass and use it as my wallpaper--ahhh brothers!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

come back to da wood..the only thing that changes are the seasons!

this past friday nite i went to a "norwood bar" now keep in mind i havent been out in norwood since i was 21 years old (9 years!) It's funny, when people see you it's like they just saw you the night before...i saw this girl "Treva" havent seen her in 10 years, she walked pass me and was like "Wassup Kate..." No, hey how are u...how's the fam etc etc. ?

I ran into my ex while i was there..kinda funny...he turned out to be super nice to me..it was very different from the last time i saw him when he hit me off the head with a can of bud light after he assumed that i was kissing his best friend in the keg line...ahhhh the memories!! He said i wrote him a letter freshman year of colllege that told him not to do drugs or i would break up with him...i said "are you sure that was from me?" anyway, it was nice to see him...it was such a "beautiful girls" moment..

my friend colleen was getting manhandled by a pack of irish guys..the guys from norwood high ...kept saying "kenney, are u sure she is ok?" i dont think they know my first name..

i have a claim to fame....i was watching tv tonite and one of my friends is on "the biggest loser." Her name is andrea, and she is the coolest...we used to ride the T together and gossip...dont forget the lil people, andrea...

peace out

lil pieces


Monday, November 08, 2004

my mum's cards for women Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

please come to my 80s nite & vote!

I will be hosting my own 80s nite at Limelight Studios in Boston (204 Tremont Street) in Boston from 8-12 this Thursday!!! Can u spread the word!?? So nervous...maybe i will just do some music from Howard the Duck...so please c0me and see me...that will be fun...also VOTE!!!!
Or P Diddy will kill u...hopefully, our world will be a better place if you don't choose beavis for president...