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Monday, December 27, 2004

the patriots tavern

there is a bar on the norwood/walpole line that hopefully dan and megz will join me in drinking at some day---well, i heard that you are only allowed 2 drinks and you cannot swear...what the fuc*?!

when i was in third grade we would have flutaphone concerts arounds holiday time---my brothers and i still know all the hanukkah & xmas songs by heart...anyway, true story--my brother's best friend could not afford a flutophone, so they made him play a ruler---a ruler? i was just watching public access and the same thing must have happened to another kid, except this time they just made him stand there and whistle...my bro ev was like, "Couldn't they just have him sit this one out?"

happy holidays & new year...

oh xmas was fun---i drank with my new family members..my new uncle who is so rad---he is in a motorcycle gang...

oh and i got really drunk off wine & coronas on xmas..and i think i was extra loud...but when am i not "extra loud!"

just went thru mattapan with my dad 2nite---his old hood--it was a perfect night to go because apparently it is too cold to be shot...



Thursday, December 02, 2004

the day has arrived!!! my annie pix found!! these girls hate me!!! i have another shot coming from san diego with a better angle. I should have been committed..check out that wig! Posted by Hello