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Sunday, January 23, 2005

guess my age?

i hate that game, when someone asks u what their age is...this guy came up to me tonite and asked if i would guess his age..after many attempts to change the subject, he insisted that i guess his age..he was a guy with gray hair, mullet, a handlebar mustache and wal mart plastic oversized grampa glasses...so i guessed 46...its a good number...you are not 50 yet...he says lower...44...nope...41....nope 40...nope 39...36?...finally we got down to 33...30 fin 3? not on my watch, bub! the whole nite i felt absolutely awful--i mean it was like new years with the countdown...

oh yeah, and there was a guy sporting one red eye one blue--he inserted a red contac..it was very marilyn manson/limp bizkit of him..but rather than saying that to him i suggested he get a smily face one...nice kid i am!

walked in the snow...nothing beats it...i truly missed the snow while living in cali..i never thought i woudl ever say something like that..

until tomorrow when i will be the only woman shoveling on my street--my house is an equal opportunuity employer..


At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should have tried to guess his weight, too.

Oh, and today I am REALLY missing the snow. Although I have the windows open, which helps ease the pain.

Is the Pats tavern sort of across from Mylod Street, next to Sam's? I think my friend Jay's mom lives a short walk from there...


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