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Monday, January 17, 2005

my music taste

i think is on a steady decline...now i hail myself as being a music aficionado, but lately i have been listening to crap music and liking it...for some reason i love bruce hornsby..i almost weep when i hear his tunes and i dont know why..."the way it is" came on the radio yesterday and i begged my friend, colleen, to leave it on...she was like, "are u fin kidding me?" kelly clarkson was on the other day and i begged my bro ev not to turn the channel...he was like.."kate, c'mon the surreal like is on the other channel!" anyway, kill me for having guilty pleasures...and if u haven't listened to j. timberlake's solo cd..you are so missing out...


At 7:11 PM, Blogger Meaghan said...

Tht dumb Kelly Clarkson song "Break Away" debuted on the radio around the time the Sox were mounting their ALCS comeback against the Yankees, so even now I practically well up every time I hear it.


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