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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

squid please?

i was all psyched for the gym today---i mean i basically have cabin fever from being in the house due to illness and the blizzard of '05--so i put on my new balance kix and headed off to the gym in the "ghetto jet" (my vw jetta). now, i havent been to the gym in about 2 mths...i had a svelte body due to body surfing everyday in the pacific, but after my husband dumped me i came back to boston to pack on the lbs like a squirrel in winter--so off to the gym, my membership is up--it was like i stole from a convenience store--a recording yelling "stop stop!" ok. so, i decided to go visit granny...

after some chatting to her my grandfather who is crazy and is in a wheelchair asked me to go to star market and pick him up 3 lbs of squid, 51lbs of potatoes, coleslaw and non-filetered pall malls...yum! well basically...i went there..the 73 grandma in front of me got carded in front of me for butts so i asked the woman in front of me to get me cigarettes--when i ever said non-filtered pall malls she almost dropped dead...so we made the trade outside and i was off..

i arrived back at my granny's house and my grandpa says, "did u divorce that bum yet?" ahhh welcome back to boston...

oh one last thing, my bro adam is a wise guy..last nite his wife was wearing a red and green striped sweater...he told the whole table that she got it on ebay from the "nightmare on elm street collection" she wasso pissed off...so my other brother evan said, "well, you can make fun of his dorky sweater" her reply was, "well, my mother got that for him for xmas!" oops..


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