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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

remdog, glass eating & growing an inch

i have seen remdog three times--i say hello to him every time--he scuffles by me and grunts...i must not be his type..blonde and 23...

my long lost friend, Bill "the great Pendu" ate glass while eating Legal Seafoods takeout...he called up Legals and they really didnt care...Bill's father told him that "people at the carnival eat glass all the time..."

i grew an inch this week--i know im 31..but three people came up to me and said that i look taller...and i went to try a pair of jeans on that were really long for me.tried them on this week--perfect! my friend chris who hasnt seen me in 12 years claimed that i was 5'4, 5'7" with bangs (he remembers me from the big bang years).....still growing @ 31? it pays to be a late bloomer...


At 1:45 PM, Blogger dantobindantobin said...

Remy's type is green and fuzzy.

Snazzy new layout!


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