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Thursday, December 01, 2005

your terrible, mariel!

yeah i know i havent "blogged" in a while---i have been inundated by heavy drinking, holiday fun and good friends. Things have been very good--jess and nick broke up--now tell me how a guy can listen to a woman squak all day like an asshole--i been i know jess is "hot" in some eyes..but come on...when it comes down to making change on the t--shes screwed, laddie! she don't got it and soon she will be working at taco bell and be screwed...like i told megz earlier jess and ashlee are two blinks away from being n the center square in hollywood squares between madame from solid gold and balky from perfect strangers...nick was the smart one--they didnt sign a pre-nup--must have been a blonde moment...

happy holidays to all that have helped me out thru this tumultous year-- i love you all..now get me an ipod for xmas...


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