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Monday, February 28, 2005


to all men!!!!!

women HATE that word---i dont no one person who uses that word except dirty old men and the check out girl at "Vicky's Secrets."

At Xmas time, my dad mentioned that he wanted to get my mother some "panties" for xmas...i spun around and screamed, "never ever use that word around me!" he said, "but the lady at the store told me that is what they are called."

The other nite my underwear (that is the word that should be used from now on) seemed quite baggy...we are a pretty open family so i went downstairs--i mean i have lived with 7 men my entire life so i comfortably said, "my underwear are baggy tonite." My dad recoiled in horror and told me he would pay the tab for me to go out and get some "new, sexy underwear." I guess my dad wants be back on the dating scene ASAP.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

barging into the office

i am presently working at an office and i was wondering if i ever saw someone "barge" into an office likein the movies--i mean you know the scene--someone barges into the office and the secretary is always like, "No!!! you cant go in there!!!" and its funny because the person that they are always barging in on is never phased..there like "yeah....so...what do you want." I remember the first day i worked at the radio station, some crazed fan came in with a birthday cake and wanted to see one of the djs so i let her in...that day i almost lost my job...

also, i love the other hollywood moment...when someone gets disconnected on the phone and the person repeatedly presses the hang up button "hello...hello....hello!" Do we ever do that in real life? Dont we just say hello? hello? and then hang up...those hollywood types--so dramatic..


Sunday, February 13, 2005

valentine's day 1987

i was dating mike lundin...at the time i was about 4'9"..i grew 1 inch over the summer of 7th grade...there he was..like a vision..my height, gold earring, "no reason lines" (lines that a barber shaves into the side of a guys head for absolutely no reason circa:80s) i was his valentine...the word on the street was that he got me something "big" for V day..so my mum took be down to "Incredible Edible's" (Norwood Candy Store rip) and got Lundin a nut assortment shaped in a heart dominated by red pistachios of course! Anyway, Lundin apparently went to his grandmother's house and stole a family heirloom and gave it to me...it was a heart with wings on a silver chain...it was beautiful...about 2 weeks later...lundin and i broke up

when we were seniors we rekindled our "romance." He said when iwas with him in eighth grade they were the best 2 weeks of his life...pretty good for an 8th grade relationship...someone once told me that in junior high the only person you do not speak to is your boyfriend at the time...

after years of separation i saw lundin one night in the wood..still sweet as ever, no reason lines gone...friends.

i recently came home to Norwood and was looking through some boxes and found the necklace...
cant wait for my new valentine in 2006...

so to all those lonely hearts out there "it is better to have loved that to not have loved at all."


"life sux then u die"
-Mr. Shinnick (11th grade history teacher)

guitarzan king of the amps

i met this kid once...he was a brother of a friend...he was 34 ...oversized glasses, acid-washed jean jacket and matching jeans, mullet..of course i start talking to him at a party...he tells me he is in a band...i was impressed...he then told me he went by the name guitarzan king of the amps..i asked him if we would like to marry me...

Thursday, February 10, 2005

"you're getting chubby, Kate!

That was the quote today from my grandfather...although it was done with love...after he said that he said, "...but you look good!" Nice save gramps...nice save...and in the words of Bell Biv Devoe, "never trust a big butt and a smile."

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

the billy ocean restaurant

my brother evan told me the other day that his friend is opening up a Billy Ocean themed restaurant...one of the dishes? "Get out of my dreams and into my buffalo wings"--hilarious...i hope he adds "Suddenly sausages"..

what state of the union address?

i just felt like i overthrew the republican party and i feel so damn good--i have an aquaintance who came over my house uninvited and on top of that is a republican....it was a nice visit, a lil thai food, throw in some American Idol, until the "state of the union" address came on...so i packed up my dumplings, said it was a great visit and it had to end...after much arguing on his end, i said "he is not my president..i did not vote for him, therefore i will not see him read off a telepromter, words that do not make sense to him and have him appeal to the "bible belt" where i do not live, nor will i ever fly thru...when my father was asked if he wanted to watch with the uninvited guest he replied, "i'd rather drink draino...

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