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Sunday, March 27, 2005

i love u billy idol & sting

i was obsessed with both Billy Idol and Sting. My first memory of Sting was seeing him in the "Synchronicity 2" video, platinum and hanging from a Mad Max kinda scenery. I loved him---like loved. My mum got me a Def Leppard pin and aPolice pin for my 9th birthday which i immediately put on my sleevelss jean vest.I loved Sting--i saw him the other nite on Leno and i still have those hot feelings for him...i think it stems from the "Don't Stand to Close to me" video when he takes his nerdy glasses and tie off to reveal a tanned Sting...yum. Watch out Trudie..im single now.

As for Billy Idol...he was on tv the other nite--still great as ever..he is so hardcore...i just loved him after i saw "Rebel Yell" video...my childhood friend's bro looked exactly like Billy Idol and i would ask to go over her house all the time...i need to stay away from musicians..but i think Chris Isaak is my next conquest...i am single as of August 17th at midnite..so basically August 18th--i am seeing Chris in concert August 19th--now, i just have to get backstage and have Chris fall in love with me...i wish Chris would pick girls out of the crowd like Cece Deville did back in the day..and i wish that girl was me..

Thursday, March 24, 2005

the 2 best things that happened to me yesterday

i was going to get my hair dyed yesterday and i saw the two best things...ok maybe 3...first, i saw this guy and he was gay and he must have given this homeless man like 10 bux...the homeless man was hugging him to death and he was wailing, between chokes, "don't worry about dont worry about it!!!" another sight--this kid talking on his cellie talking to his bud and saying, "dude, i am so wasted." (it was 1 pm on a wednesday) finally, the girl in back of me in teh salon, started cring because she didnt like her hair...she told my hair stylist that she "ruined her life" and that she "haz to buzz her hair off," she had the worst orange glo fake tan..and she is a bitch--so she basically loses the game of life.

oh yeah, and at karaoke last nite, some kid performed "enter sandman" by metallica while breaking into Michael Jackson moves, the worm and the windmill.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Wesley Willis and the mullet

I used to work at a radio station in Lynn named FNX. A lot of musicians came through those doors but my fave would have to be Wesley Willis. Now Wesley is a homeless man from Ny who has a record deal and has produced such hits as "Cut the Mullet" and "Rock n Roll McDonald's." If youhaven't heard him you are missing out. Anyway, my friend Steve-o loved Wesley and decided to meet him downstairs and bring him up to our studios. 10 minutes later, Steve comes up in the elevator with Wesley (who is appox. 400lbs) stumbles out of the elevator gasping for air--the stench de Wesley was so bad in the studio we had to break out the Lysol.

Anyway, a mullet story--i actually partied with one of the kids on the mullets galore website...i just remember getting really drunk and hounding him all night long to take pix with me...he hated me so much after that nite...but at least i didnt have a mullet.

Friday, March 18, 2005

This is my tshirt-do i offend? Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 17, 2005

world series trophy!!!

i saw the world series trophy yesterday---it came to my shit town and i was very excited! The line actually moved very quickly. There was some tool of a dj there playing "Tessie" over and over again..Wally was a no-show. When it came time to have our pix taken (you cannot touch the trophy) i almost knocked the thing over--wouldn't that be perfect--me clipping the Tiffany trophy!

Anyway, i was wearing my "Silence Ashlee" t-shirt made my moi and these dirtbag catholic school boys were in front of me making fun of me. Lots of evil eyes were given out--and there luck? they have to hang out with nuns for the rest of their school lives..


a pix will soon follow of the pix of me & colleen and kids in front of the trophy..

in the meantime--here is my ashlee logo
i am taking orders now b4 Joe Simpson finds out.
But it is copyrighted so bite me.

burn in hell ashlee & catholic school boys!

dream of the exes

I had a dream last nite that i was lying on my bed talking to ALL of my exes about football. It was a very strange dream. I was wearing like one of those long shirts kids wear to bed and I was surrounded by from what i saw Chris, Ken & Scott. They were totally hitting if off and they wanted to stick around to watch the college football game. I was like their little sister. Very bizarre..i wonder if the dream dictionary can translate this one.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

drunk man coming home from work

when adam and i were little we were riled up before we went to bed. that is why i still go to bed at 1am because i think i will miss out on something. My dad was a public defender in Boston and would defend everyone in Boston--he was and is still a great lawyer. He used to come home around 8:00 for dinner and after dinner he would scream, "Drunk man coming home from work!" We would begin to scream! He would take off his tie and his shirt, take a carton of milk out of the fridge, chug it down, have it drip all down his face, and scream and stumble towards us..then we would try to hug him and climb up on him and he would swat us away and throw us on the couch..then he would turn off the lights and we would scream soooo loud! This was our favorite game of allllllll time! Everynite when he came home we would say, "Dad, do drunk man coming home from work!" Sadly, this was something my dad witnessed many times growing up in the city so it was almost something sad he witnessed a lot but pure enjoyment and heaps of entertainment for us!!

This is why i am crazy and Adam smokes weeed.

kate's most metal moment

i used to work at a radio station when i wa about 22-23. i had just started my job, brand new to the scene..i would get there probably around 8:00. At around 8:30 this guy called me and started to chat me up...he said that he was looking to do a free show in Boston but no one really expressed interest. i told him the marketing director was not in and did he want to leave a message. He then asked me where it would be good to play a show around Boston, good clubs etc. etc. I finally said i would take a message and he said this is James Hetfield. So as i am writing, i am like "James Hetfield...James Hetfield," I am like "from Metallica?" and he said, no joke..."yeah yeah!!!!" we then were instant buds..i told him about how i grew up listening to them in junior high and high school blah blah blah...he said he would get me backstage tix if they came to Boston--but the stupid marketing director didnt follow thru because "metallica is a little to heavy for this radio station."

later that day, i kinda thought that maybe someone was impersonating James just to play around with me..but when i found my fellow "metalhead" Teach, he told me that James was cold calling people to see if they could play in our cities..

so its my most metal moment..me & james chatting it up on the phone

least metal moment: dancing cheek to cheek with my ex mike to warrant's, "heaven"

Friday, March 11, 2005

vince vaughn

vince vaughn was in my dream the other nite--i was so excited---he was in a white shark-skin suit--his hair was a lil curlier than usual.we were at a bar kinda like the Bow & Arrow Pub in Harvard Square and he was talking to me...I went to take a picture of us with my camera phone and my memory was full--i was pissed--then he just walked off and said some sort of "Swingers" departing phrase--"Kate, your so money!" It's pretty sad when your overloaded files in your cellphone cause you to have a nightmare and ruin your night with Vince.

One day Vince..one day.

2 more crushes

I forgot about 2 of my crushes from junior high. Ok, first Alasdair Gillis from "You Can't Do that on TV," I loved him so much!!! He was so cute and funny...he always used to make fun of Moose and Lisa Ruddy for being fat (that's not nice, Alasdair)...the show was filmed in Candada so they talked weird--they said "about" weird...hey, i can make fun of people with accents im from fin bawstin! They talked like the kids from Degrassi Junior High--Me & Megz fave!!!! If you missed Degrassi Junior High you don't know what you are missing..such tragedy for a junior high! I loved Spike -the teen pregnant mum with spiked hair (hence the name) and i liked joey from the Zit Remedies. Oh and Wheels..i literally pissed myself laughing once because someone alluded to Wheels from Degrassi because he like hit a house while drunk in one episode...

Also, Roland Orzabel from Tears for Fears--keep in mind he was like 85 when i was in junior high, but hey, i like older men...everone liked Kurt (the other tear) so i stuck with Roland..there was something exotic about him--preface to my ridiculous, unexplained taste in men

Sunday, March 06, 2005

vh=van halen

i think i have some weird tie to van halen. when i was a little girl i lovvvvvvvvved Alex Van Halen..i mean loved...i waited for him to appear in the "Jump" video every day back in '84. Was it the green lame vest...the fact that he was a drummer?...

well, when reached college, my best guy friends booth basher and Ray Martin were OBSESSED with VH. They would have VH parties every weekend and they just played the entire box set over and over. One night when For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge came out, Ray, Boothbasher, Bryna, Erica, Sandy & meself headed to downtown Provi where they had a midnight release of the new VH album. We were first in line...people were dressed up like various VH members including Booth & Ray. I loved Jeff Buckley at the time and after we got in i bought his cd...i almost got jumped in the store.

When i was out of college, i went to the Lizard Lounge and Gary Cherone was there--the new lead singer of VH. I said hello to him, tripped over his shoe and poured beer all over his shirt. Smooth.

So in closing, i think i am cosmically linked to VH. Whether its Diamond Dave, Sammy or Gary. I love you, Alex!


*k8 lee roth

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Do any women like Rush? I was hosting karaoke the other nite and this guy almost fell off his chair when i shared my knowledge and love for Rush. He performed, "New World Man," and he claimed that no one would know it in the house---i knew every word...I also know a lot about Getty Lee & Neil Pert (sp) being the best bassist and drummers in the world! I just don't think women like Rush because they play that damn "Tom Sawyer" on every classic rock station around here. They have some really good stuff--I just don't think men want me in their Rush secret society.

Now, this is the picture! A complete lunatic! I love that i have pink freckles on my face! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

color me badd

i was just watching a Color Me Badd video, I Adore Mi Amor...do not ask...anyway, i didn't realize untiil now that one of the members of the group looks exactly like Johnny Damon--i think it might be him--i mean he is speaking Spanish to ladies on the beach--why do you think Johnny gets along so well with Manny and Ortiz?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Is Oprah everywhere now? I cant stand her anymore---A. What is she doing at the Oscars? I think the last thing Oprah did was the Color purple...I think they should invite only the actors who were in the films and the entire crew who got them there...I don't need to see Beyonce performing none of her songs (as someone who occassionally writes a song, i would be livid if i was ousted by Beyonce...i mean...that french song she did...she was struggling...and antonio banderas and carlos santana? what the hell were u thinking? i cant believe they even put Adam Duritz on staeg looking like Sideshow Bob and all! I agree with Dan Tobin that we must oust these D List "celebs" (minus Kathy Griffin--i love her!) I mean Paris--you are a rich slut, Lindsey, you are a slut with a lunatic father, Jessica and Ashlee you are wannabe sluts who have no brains, terrible voices and no originality and Britney the "two seconds from being on Jerry Springer" slut...ahhhhhhhhhh that felt good.

Boycott them--what have they done for humanity, for music, for theater except completely make other countries think that we are a Ricky Lake panel.

Lets get the class back, people.