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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Never ever watch an r rated movie with your parents

Since I was young, I would get terribly embarrasssed when I was watching a movie with my parents and something "racy" started happening (nudity, sex scene, racy language). Convienently, I used to watch only movies that i saw beforehand and then watch them with my parents. Sometimes i would be blindsided and once i saw celebs hitting the sheets, I would immediately excuse myself to go to the bathroom and then never come back.

This actually happened to me last nite--my mum wanted to rent "Closer" or how she pronounces it "Closer" like Keith Foulke, the Red Sox' closer. Anyway, she likes Natalie Portman and Jude Law so I agreed to watch it with her. BIG MISTAKE. First of all, I HATE Julia Roberts--like can't stand. She is is overrated as an actress--where are the Cate Blanchett's of the world when you need them. Anyway, there is a scene when the men are in an online chat room talking about their fanatsies and it goes way over the top--like, dude, seriously--my mum is in the room..then Julia "Overrated" Roberts starts talking about her sexual positions in bed and i begin to sweat--my mum runs up the stairs and wails, "I cant watch this!"

Can I just make a suggestion to the DVD makers? Nex time, can you preface the dvd by stating that this movie is strictly for 20-40 year olds and mums and dads should not be present during the viewing of this film..

thank you..

i think its pg-13 for me for the rest of my life.

Friday, April 08, 2005

chips patrol

i used to watch "Chips" when i was a little girl which is the reason why i still to this day have a problem with highways. I remember watching Chips and teh cars would try to run other cars off the road. I didnt believe this was true until i actually drove on teh 5 and 405. One episode was horrific for me..a gas truck ran over a lit cigarette and caused this huge explosion on the road--absolutely frightening. I didnt really have a crush on Ponch or John, but i had a strange crush on the head of Chips--he was like 40...but i loved him. So still to this day, I think some ya-dude is going to try to run me off the road--oh wait a minute--that happened in Boston.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

i am officially ancient

long story short

went out last nite--started talking to 2 "guys" Colleen and I both made a WWF reference...we were talking about Jimmy Superfly Snuka (sp.) The kids turned out to be 21..they said they had no idea who we were talking about and that they would go home and Google him...For 2 women to even talk about the WWF is hilarious ....i think im going to be sick...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

that's not a homeless man..that's kate's dad!

i have talked about my dad many times--he truly is an amazing person. Aside from growing up in the projects and becoming a lawyer, he is truly my favorite person and I am so happy that i got his sense of humor. My dad likes to dress down on the weekend..like sweatsuit, red sox hat and bobos (sneakers). During the week he is in court, so he likes to "be a grundy" on the weekends. My friends Dan & Jon were in Norwood one day and my father was sitting on a park bench. Jon knew my dad well because we were all aprt of a basketball league (the NBA-Norwood Basketball Association). Anyway, Dan had no clue who my father was. Jon walked past my dad and said, "hello." Dan turned to Jon and said, "Jon, why are you saying hello to that homeless man!?" Jon replied, "That's Kate's dad!" Still one of my fave stories.

Coming soon--my dad's fake heart attack after my brother and him saw the "Natural."

Monday, April 04, 2005

running to the airport

i was watching the Simpsons 2nite and Lisa said that Homer should follow Marge to the airport and tell her that he loves her. This scene is so overused in Hollywood. The only thing i can equate my airport experiences to are, after i was about to miss my commuter flight to the Bahamas I ran thru the airport like OJ in that Hertz commercial. Also, i was once on that same commuter plane, we were on the runway and the lights went out...absolutely horrible. Then there was the time I had a Mexican gentleman throw up all over my bag and I was calming him down in Spanish and also rubbing his back. Another time, sitting on the runway in July, 90 degrees, no air conditioning, irish rugby players post game sweating beer out of their pores in front of me, in front of my dad, a portly fellow who took off his shirt. Recently, I had the Pats on the flight home with me, but one of the Pats went to the bathroom, puked all over himself (via Mardi Gras) and passed out in the aisle--delaying my flight 1 hour--damn those PATS! My latest was being dropped off at the airport in San Diego with 60 bux in my pocket and 2 bags on my way home to Boston. I am so glad someone didnt chase after me that day.