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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Willy Talk and Evan-O mi Dios! Posted by Picasa

Evan and Patrick fighting crime all over the "wood and in the hood!" Posted by Picasa

the return of willy talk and jordan knight

i know it's been a long time--i have bee working like "hey mon" for a long time and i am just sitting down to write now--willy talk is back---i came home friday to find willy talk, the indian dummy, in my bed, arms behind his head--this time to my horror, i ripped back the sheets and found that he was being pleasured by my stuffed NKOTB doll, jordan knight-this stuffed doll was given to me by my bff colleen--jordan is dressed in a striped suit with spats and an awesome ratail...i screamed for my mother and she came up the stairs and told evan that if he does this one more time, she is calling the cops...

one of my friends saw jordan @ the linwood in boston (my ol stomping ground) popping and locking to a metal band...that made me laugh...

also, evan made up a tv show called "studs" that is a cop show with him and patrick swayze...when am i moving again?