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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


My dad has a couple of quotes that i live by...i love them and here they are:

1. Who do you think I am Joe Shit the Ragman?

2. Kate, a ham sandwich can get laid!

3. The only ass he is getting is if he puts his hand in his back pocket!

4. Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story!

5. When I am talking about a celebrity and the hatred i have for him/her he cries, "Kate, he doesn't even know who you are!"

6. Most recently I was down on myself and he says to me, "Kate your beautiful, your smart, your funny and you have a rack that won't quit!"

i love my dad (and not in the Joe Simpson kinda way)

scott stapp and me

i was out the other nite at a show and i am with my friend jonny..i go to get some beers and this guy comes up to me looking like scott stapp (sp) from Creed. He literally uses the line, "do u come here often?" Now, i hate Scott Stapp from Creed and I think i am just venting my frustrations out on him...i got back to the table and Jonny was like, "how's Scott doing?"

Colleen was once at a wedding and the groom got down on his knees and was belting out "With Arms Wide Open." She told me that everyone was crying because it was so beautiful but she had to excuse herself because she was peeing herself...

i am back--its been a long time bloggers...im here to stay!

sorry dan tobin!


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Save the Littlest!!! Save the Littlest in Boston!

I just found out today that they are closing the Littlest Bar in Boston. Some stupid businesman is putting up condos! I say lets put together a petition to save the Littlest bar! If no one out there knows about the Littlest, its a tiny pub in Downtown Crossing that holds about 40 people-squeezing in.

It was the first bar I got into in Boston. I was with Colleen, sister Court and her then boyfriend Scott. We met some Irish guy named Rufus who saw that we were drinking Rolling Rock and exclaimed, "why the hell are u drinking that piss? they shoud call it hurling rock!" Brilliant!

One time my friends from NYC came into town and my friend Erica called me at my apt to let me know that she was at the Littlest. I missed her call--Erica is 100 % Portugese in an Irish bar--I called the Littlest--told the bartender to scream Erica's name. "Erica, Kate's on the phone! (insert Irish accent) She was mortified! She said "how the hell ldid u find me? " and i replied, "there's like 5 people in there!" Its easy!

My fave memories are being in the Littlest bathroom and the payphone ringing..meeting up w/bri & charlotte after time apart, boozing w/the locals with my nyc friends, receiving a warm welcome from teh irish gents and my friend John the bartender after returning home from California!

If anyone out there has similar experiences..or would like to "Save the Littlest" get in touch with me--it's too special to give up that easily!